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In today's time, people always crave for new fun activities to do with their time. This is why screen printing has become a thing recently. This is the process of manually printing out designs on any form of cloth be it a shirt, a tarpaulin, or just a plain old banner. What you will be needing is a wooden frame with a stencil stretched out across it. For you to be able to make a print, you are going to have to use ink. When we talk about large companies that actually make business out of printing, you can bet that their set up is more advanced and expensive. They would be needing a screen printing numbering machine that has a multi-arm press to meet the needs of the people that have placed orders on their product. However, you can always settle for a cheaper version in your home if you just wish to do it has a hobby.


The first thing you need to consider is the screen on your press. Of course you cannot use the one with large holes in it because then the details of the design would come out looking sloppy. You have to go with one that is made up of a fabric mesh. When you already have the screen, take a wooden frame and stretch the mesh across it. Keep in mind that the more stretched out the mesh is, the easier it will be for you to create the prints and the better it will look. Next thing you will be needing is a stencil that will hold the design you want to press. This stencils has to be made of a transparent material such as those things used for school projectors. You have to gather up glass enough to fit the frame and cover the mesh you have stretched out. You also need dark cloth to cover the frame in the process while you use a 250 watt bulb for the finishing touches. You might also want some gloves to use while you are working, together with an art squeegee that will allow you to push the ink through the stencil and make a design on the medium of your choice. Do not ever forget the ink. It is one of the most important materials you will need because how else will you get the design printed on? Remember this when printing athletic uniforms.