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With all the information in the market, it is difficult to know the machine to go for because it is all so confusing. Luckily, we have information here that can be useful when it comes to choosing a screen printing numbering system of your own. You will need to know if you will go for manual press or automatic press. This denotes the number of shirts or product you are planning to print. If you are planning to just print by yourself or stat a small brand, a manual screen printing machine should be sufficient. This machine is the universal starting point for most of the small printing businesses and we recommend that you should start by researching first before you buy one.


Good quality manual screen printing presses are an investment that will be able to grow with you therefore you must choose a high quality material to begin with. It should be able to last you even as you expand the business and the best part is that you can upgrade to an automatic later. However, if you are starting a serious screen printing business, you can go straight to the automatic screen printing machine. 


There is also the option of either table-top press or free-standing press. Here you will have to consider the amount of space you have. If you have limited space, you should go for the table-top screen printing machine. However, there are many great table-top printers in the market that can do just as well as the free-standing screen printing machines. If you are looking to just making t-shirts or posters for fun, you could go for a DIY table-top press. If you got enough room to stretch out, you could go for a full sized screen printing machine. 


The other consideration while buying the screen printing machine is the number of colors and stations you have. The more colors and stations you have the more it is going to cost you. The numbers of colors in the design are equal to the number of print heads you are going to have. Every head can only hold one screen which represents the stencil for that color. Most production printers choose between a 4 and 8 color screen printing machine that is versatile to print many designs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when choosing the screen printing numbering press machine, you must know what your expectations are.